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Plus laptop device

What is ROOMS?

ROOMS is a public social network powered by our web conference tool WEDO ROOMS APP, which offers features like creation of groups(up to 5 per user), subgroups, forums, documents upload and unlimited rooms. 

Interactive Whiteboard
Youtube Videos
Multiple Webcam
Upload Presentations
Shared Notes


Collaboration Features

Rooms for Online Meetings & Trainings

Are you into online web conferences or live trainings? Then ROOM is the ideal solution for you, integrated into WEDO.SCOOL.

Chat & Voice

With Rooms everyone can communicate through text chat and voice chat. Moderators can manage microphone usage, create social polls and cameras.

Breakout Rooms

Create groups and enable your students to work on teams or privately by creating Sub Rooms.


Social Features

Instant Messaging

You can message all WEDO Rooms users through the instant messaging feature.


Join Groups and share opinions and documents with each other through a dedicated page.

Social News Feed

Our News Feed includes news on all Rooms users and you can find people to communicate and collaborate with.

Document Uploads

Upload public or private documents and share them with your connections.

Plus laptop device


Whiteboard Features

Blank Presentations

You may draw or write on the whiteboard. Any presentation that contains blank pages can serve as a whiteboard and attendees can download the full document.

Video Sharing

The moderator can sync a Youtube video for everyone to watch. Pause and Play works simultaneously for all users.


Rooms is lightweight and works on both desktop and mobile devices without straining your hardware.


Rooms is responsive across all devices so that you can navigate and take advantage of all features.

Link Sharing

Create a Room and easily share its link with anyone you want to join. No further steps needed.



Easy, reliable, and cost efficient: Arrange live webinars, courses, and trainings, by creating a video conference ROOM using our WEDO digital coins. 1 WEDO coin equals 1 hour, and the hour costs €0,05 per participant.


0 WEDO coins
  • Time: 1 hour
  • Up to 2 Participants


5 WEDO coins
  • Time: 1 hour
  • Up to 5 Participants


25 WEDO coins
  • Time: 1 Hour
  • Up to 25 Participants


50 WEDO coins
  • Time: 1 Hour
  • Up to 50 Participants

WEDO 100

100 WEDO coins
  • Time: 1 Hour
  • Up to 100 Participants


No, with WEDO FREE Plan you can create unlimited rooms to host 1-1 meetings.

Our algorithm calculates the max meeting time based on the user’s balance. Example: a user with 25 coins can open a room with 25 users for 1 hour (WEDO 25 Plan), or a room with 5 users (WEDO 5 Plan) for 5 hours and so on…

Yes, of course! We wouldn’t want to make you create a room for the same purpose everytime. Your room will remain available for use until you delete it.

Unfortunately yes. Although we’d love to make Rooms available to more users, right now the maximum users available in a room is 100 participants.

 Of course, you can set a Room as recordable during the Room creation procedure. You can see the recording on the Rooms tab after you finish your conference.

Rooms is supported by all major browsers, including Chrome, FireFox, Safari, and Safari Mobile. For best results on desktop and laptops, we recommend Chrome or Firefox. Some of our main features like the screen sharing and the webcam are not supported by Safari, so if you are using Apple devices, you might want to use Chrome for Rooms.

Rooms has a “mobile-first” design. Like the desktop, there is no mobile app to download or install. Rooms runs within your mobile browser. However, you will need iOS version 12.2+ and Android version 6.0+ in order to join Rooms. To join a session, you click a link within the browser, and Rooms will run within Safari Mobile (iOS) or Google Chrome (Android).